hearts Leap Beginnings

Infant & Toddler Care


At Hearts Leap Beginnings we believe that every child deserves a safe, loving, responsive, and dynamic environment where they can develop secure attachments and a sense of trust in the people and world around them. Through extensive communication with parents, we ensure that each child receives consistent and individualized care.

The heart of the Hearts Leap Beginnings program is relationships.  We believe that babies and young children are ready and able to experience all their environment has to offer when they are truly seen, heard and loved. Through close communication with families and observation of the children, Hearts Leap Beginnings educators get to know children on a deep level forming a foundation of trust.  Relationships among other children, with the materials in the environment and with the space itself are all relationships that are valued and fostered as essential to the Hearts Leap Beginnings program.

Through exploration, Emergent Curriculum practices, the work of Magda Gerber and Emmi Pikler, and the inspiration of Reggio Emilia, our program creates a love of learning for all children. Our teachers are early childhood professionals who support, love and nurture each child as a unique individual.

Children engage in nurturing routines with trusted caregivers who know them deeply and allow them space to participate in the ways they are capable. Children independently explore the wide variety open-ended materials that are carefully selected with the purpose of expanding the children's understanding of how things feel, fit, balance, sound, and work together.  Teachers are close by, observing and documenting these experiences making sure that the children are safe and taking note of what possible questions they may have. They use this information to inform what opportunities to provide the children next, both as independent explorations and as focused small group work. Our outside space is a beautifully landscaped playground that includes extensions of our indoor-classroom curriculum and offers space and equipment for running, climbing, sliding, digging, reading, building and more.

Here at Hearts Leap Beginnings we create a fun, loving atmosphere in which children learn and grow through play and exploration. We strive to help children become confident, independent thinkers, who can express themselves with peers and adults to feel connected to their community.

Our Classrooms

Infant program - Willow Rooms ` 3 teachers, 8 children

The Willow Room is divided into two groups, a younger infant room and an older infant room. The Willow teachers meet children’s needs as they arise, offering food and sleep tailored to their individual rhythms.

Toddler program - Aspen Room 3 teachers, 12-14 children

The Aspen room offers group meal and rest times to allow children to build a stronger sense of community. The children in Aspen room have choice and flexibility with how they spend their time at school, whether it might be choosing to go outside early in the morning or staying inside to deep-dive into an art project.

All classrooms at Hearts Leap Beginnings are enriched with open-ended materials that spur the imagination rather than traditional “toys.”